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Bài Học Anh Ngữ Trung Cấp

Bài học này soạn thảo dành cho học sinh và sinh viên đã có một số vốn liếng về Anh Ngữ. Nếu quí bạn muốn đọc những tạp chí Anh Ngữ và hiểu thấu đáo nội dung, thì đây là những ngữ vựng hữu ích.

aberration (danh từ) : đi lệch ra khỏi lối đi chính hay lối hành động thông thường, có thể là một bệnh tâm trí nhẹ, và tạm thời

We believe that Tuan’s low test scores were an aberration; he would do much better next test.
The animal’s behavior was just an aberration after it had been given the experimental drug.
Mai’s mistake is not an aberration but ar symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

abstinence (danh từ): hành vi từ bỏ một lạc thú nào đó

Though his doctor advised him not to drink too much beer, Be Bu gulps down 2 cases of Heineken everyday.
Tuyet lost 30 kilograms thanks to her abstinence from chocolate, candy, and fast food.
Dung forgot about his pledge’s abstinence from alchohol when his friends came over and brought a bottle of Remy Martin.

abstract (danh từ) : lý thuyết, không thực tế; không cụ thể; khó hiểu

That art gallery only exhibits asbtract paintings which are totally confusing to Nga.
To a rich man like Bao, poverty is an abstract concept; he always has a lot of money in a dozen bank accounts.
The contract was 80 pages long, so everyone at the table was so excited when Ngoc showed them the concise abstract.

acclaim (danh từ) : hoan nghênh ồn ào; chấp thuận
(động từ) : vỗ tay, khen ngợi

Louis Paster won great acclaim for his medical discoveries.
The famous boxer bowed when he heard the acclaim from his fans.
The priest read the eulogy to acclaim the great philosopher at his funeral.

acquiesce (động từ) : chấp nhận kết luận hay sự dàn xếp của người khác

The director of the company said that he would never acquiesce to the unreasonable demands of the employees.
Though there were different ideas about the controversial tentative policy, at the end of the meeting, all members acquiesced.
The businessman was so happy when he knew that the buyers were ready to acquiesce.

admonish (động từ) : khuyên can, can gián; cảnh cáo, răn đe nhẹ, thúc dục mạnh mẽ.

The boss decided to admonish the beautiful secretary for her messy typed document.
My mother never forgets to admonish us about our rude behavior when guests are around.
The dictator admonished the audience with his closing remarks, “Down with the enemies!”

advocate (động từ) : ủng hộ,  đồng ý thuận lợi
(danh từ) : ngừơi ủng hộ một lý tưởng hay phong trào nào đó.

The actvist advocates higher salaries for the street sweepers, believing by attracting more street sweepers, the streets will be cleaner with less garbage.
The vice president advocates a new contract with the neighboring country’s company while the president looks away and ignores him.
The priest, up to now, had advocated celibacy, suddenly changing his view, saying that he preferred to preach with his wife standing next to him.

aesthetic (tính từ) : bày tỏ niềm yêu mến vẻ đẹp thiên nhiên hay nghệ thuật; tính mỹ thuật

Quang’s aesthtic qualities in his art work were ignored by his teacher who never set his eyes on any paintings.
He said he could not understand Picasso because he did not find any aesthetic merits in the famous artist‘s paintings of twisted figures.
Mrs. Truong’s aesthetic sense was challeneged by her down-to-earth husband when they went out looking for a new mansion to buy.

affinity (danh từ) : Sự thu hút tự nhiên đối với một người, hay sở thích đối với một vật: sự liên hệ; nối kết

Van’s affinity for writing resulted in her becoming a prolific writer.
Her father developed an affinity for yoga after serving three years in prison for his conviction of bribery.
My sister’s 40-year-marriage to my brother- in- law is an an example of their affinity.

aggrandizement (danh từ) Sự gia tăng  cấp bực hay tài sản; tăng trưởng về quyền lực

We believed Thang’s hard work was simply a hidden move for his aggrandizement.
The board of directors refused to endorse the new president’s policy because they were convinced that it was a foundation for his self-aggrandizement.
Stockholders with bad dealings sometimes went bankcruptcy in their search for aggrandizement.

Conflagration (noun): Cháy lớn

Conflagrations in the area near Quang Tri destroyed crops and houses last week.

Decree (noun): Lời tuyên bố, chiếu chỉ, một văn bản chính thức ra lệnh một điều gì
The Prime Minister issued a decree to ban all parties after midnight.

Devoid (adj.): thiếu, khíêm khuyết

His house is devoid of electrical appliances because his wife refused to have them in the house.

Exhilarating (adj.): thích thú, vui thích
Car racing is exhilirating.

Fluctuation (noun) : Thay đổi thất thường
Fluctuations in the stock market sent a shock wave to investors.

Follicle (noun):Lỗ nhỏ trên da
His new formula did not help him; his hair follicles are still there.

Frigid (adj) : lạnh cóng
To seek warmth, some birds migrate to the South to avoid the frigid winter.

Frustrating (verb) làm bực dọc, làm chán nản
It’s frustrating to wait long hours to board the next plane when your last fight was cancelled.

Fusion (noun) Tổng hợp
The engineer’s fusion of a car and an airplane created a carplane.

Ignite (verb)  Châm lửa, châm ngòi
Unable to ignite the firewood, the poor woman used a thick blanket to cover herself.

Illusion (noun) : ảo tưởng, ý niệm sai lầm
The dictator created an illusion of  economic progress by giving  jobs to the poor without asking the advice of his advisors.

Indefatigable (noun) cương quyết,  không sờn chí
My little sister is an indefatigable activist for the children’s rights by constantly defying her teacher when she believes her rights are violated.

Invigorating (adj)  thêm sức
His participation in the marathon is an invigorating exercise after his recovery from colon cancer.

Marquee (noun) : Tấm che lối vào cổng, hay tấm che trước rạp hát.
The theater marquee is not large enough to shelter all the movie goers in the hot sun.

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