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Pham Le Nhi


Although, Mr. Hoang wants me to write about my favorite memory, I cannot say that I have one favorite, since different events have different impacts on me and each memory has its’ own unique features. My favorite series of memories would have to be those of my trips to Vietnam. I often find myself thinking back to Vietnam every once in a while, and I find myself thinking back to then even more so because of my upcoming trip to Saigon this summer.

Team works: Effective communication

Tran Quang Thang

Coaching Teams Through Communication

Nowadays, business are becoming more and more familiar with team works, therefore ensuring understanding between team members has become a core concern for all businesses as this kind of action will strongly boost team productivity and performances.


Tran Quang Thang

A few years ago, when I was a junior-high school student, I often got stuck in some personal conflicts with my friends at that time. And, it usually ended up in a fight; no kind of negotiation has ever been formed. Anyway, it’s just a normal behavior of our kids when we’re mad at somebody else, we often think of how to hit him hard or make something terrible happen to him.

Use Your Ears!

Stacey Williams, M.A, P.P.S.


I have had the good fortune to be a school counselor for 13 years.  In that time I have helped students and their parents deal with everything from failing grades to tragic life occurrences.  Parents often ask me what they can do differently to help their child become their personal best.  I love this question because the answer is so simple.  You must use your ears!

Good enough?

Tran Quang Thang


In our life, we always have to face troubles, and, each of us has a different way to solve our concerns, some may choose to stay and fight, some may run, and, some may choose to do half-way, which means to choose a solution that is “good enough”. In fact, that kind of problem-solving method seems to be the one we prefer most.


Tran Quang Thang

“Success” itself is a confusing word, the reason is simple, there’re too many definition of “success”. As Ben Sweetland wrote “Success is a Journey, not a Destination”, it might sounds a bit strange, because in our life, we always hear people telling each other something such as “work/study hard so that you might be success in your future”. But what do they actually mean by “be success”? Is “Success” a place where you will have to come to in the days after? Is it like a big villa or even a castle so that you can place your sit there one day?

My Experience In High School

Le Pham Nhi

Life as an American student is nothing like those seen in movies and TV shows. As a neutral high school student ever since I was a freshman, I am able to view high school through an un-bias point of view. In films and media, a student’s life is either easy or harsh, depending on his or her peers; however, the American students have only two main focuses which happens to be education or fun. Media exaggerates stereotypes and the social monarchy and focus very little on the education system.

The STAR Test is Coming!

Stacey Williams, M.A, P.P.S.


The California Standardized Test is rapidly approaching.  It’s important for children to achieve their personal best on their test.  Your child has been preparing all year academically and in these last critical month before the test, parents play a key role in keeping their children on the right path.  Please take a look at the simple suggestions below.  These are powerful steps you can take to insure that your child is successful in school and on the upcoming STAR test.


Một Mô Thức Học Toán Mới: Toán Học Singapore

Trong những năm gần đây, thế giới ngạc nhiên trước những thành tựu to lớn của học sinh Singapore trong lãnh vực toán học. Học sinh Singapore đã liên tiếp đoạt giải thưởng quốc tế về toán học, bỏ xa các cường quốc như Hoa Kỳ. Anh Quốc, Pháp, Đức…

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