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Emily's Favorite Teacher

Emily Chu

Grade 4

My favorite teacher is my math teacher, Ms. Fr.. Because she is very nice . After math is ELD. We do sentences and plays. After ELD is recess. Sometimes I go to her class for store day.

Nicole's Essay


Grade 3


Mrs. C was my favorite teacher in 2nd grade because she always made me see the principal for extra credit then she would give me a surprise every holiday.

Jessica's Essay

Jessica Dinh

Grade 3

One morning I saw a mailman walking to my house and I hurried over to see what was in the mail. I ran as fast as a cheetah. I saw a letter addressed to Jessica, but there was no return address.

Eric's Favorite Teacher


Grade 6

My favorite teacher is Mr. R. He works at Alex Anderson. I had him as my 3rd grade teacher. He was my personal best because he had a lot of fun activities for us to do.

Destiny's Favorite Teacher


Grade 3

My favorite teacher is Ms. M because she gave us candy and gave us treats and one time on the first day of school, she gave us a type of strawberry-flavored candy called Hi-Chews and strawberry is my favorite flavor.

Chau's Favorite Teacher


Grade 3

My favorite teacher is Mrs. G because I think she lives in Hawaii. Last Halloween she word a Hawaiian dress. Somebody gave her flowers and balloons.

Sunny's Favorite Teacher


Grade 2

I like Ms. W for many reasons. First, Ms. W is nice because sometimes she doesn’t give us homework.

Henry's Favorite Teacher


Grade 5


My favorite teacher is Mr. R.. He is my fifth grade teacher. He is my favorite because he is very funny and he makes me laugh. He thinks I am his favorite student.

Timmy's Favorite Teacher

Timmy Ly

Grade 3

My favorite teacher is Mrs. K. because when I get 100% on my test I get treats like candy, cookies, fruit, and sometimes cakes, too, and cupcake, too.

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