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Tran Quang Thang

A few years ago, when I was a junior-high school student, I often got stuck in some personal conflicts with my friends at that time. And, it usually ended up in a fight; no kind of negotiation has ever been formed. Anyway, it’s just a normal behavior of our kids when we’re mad at somebody else, we often think of how to hit him hard or make something terrible happen to him.

Good enough?

Tran Quang Thang


In our life, we always have to face troubles, and, each of us has a different way to solve our concerns, some may choose to stay and fight, some may run, and, some may choose to do half-way, which means to choose a solution that is “good enough”. In fact, that kind of problem-solving method seems to be the one we prefer most.


Tran Quang Thang

“Success” itself is a confusing word, the reason is simple, there’re too many definition of “success”. As Ben Sweetland wrote “Success is a Journey, not a Destination”, it might sounds a bit strange, because in our life, we always hear people telling each other something such as “work/study hard so that you might be success in your future”. But what do they actually mean by “be success”? Is “Success” a place where you will have to come to in the days after? Is it like a big villa or even a castle so that you can place your sit there one day?

My Experience In High School

Le Pham Nhi

Life as an American student is nothing like those seen in movies and TV shows. As a neutral high school student ever since I was a freshman, I am able to view high school through an un-bias point of view. In films and media, a student’s life is either easy or harsh, depending on his or her peers; however, the American students have only two main focuses which happens to be education or fun. Media exaggerates stereotypes and the social monarchy and focus very little on the education system.

Emily's Favorite Teacher

Emily Chu

Grade 4

My favorite teacher is my math teacher, Ms. Fr.. Because she is very nice . After math is ELD. We do sentences and plays. After ELD is recess. Sometimes I go to her class for store day.

Nicole's Essay


Grade 3


Mrs. C was my favorite teacher in 2nd grade because she always made me see the principal for extra credit then she would give me a surprise every holiday.

Jessica's Essay

Jessica Dinh

Grade 3

One morning I saw a mailman walking to my house and I hurried over to see what was in the mail. I ran as fast as a cheetah. I saw a letter addressed to Jessica, but there was no return address.

Eric's Favorite Teacher


Grade 6

My favorite teacher is Mr. R. He works at Alex Anderson. I had him as my 3rd grade teacher. He was my personal best because he had a lot of fun activities for us to do.

Destiny's Favorite Teacher


Grade 3

My favorite teacher is Ms. M because she gave us candy and gave us treats and one time on the first day of school, she gave us a type of strawberry-flavored candy called Hi-Chews and strawberry is my favorite flavor.

Chau's Favorite Teacher


Grade 3

My favorite teacher is Mrs. G because I think she lives in Hawaii. Last Halloween she word a Hawaiian dress. Somebody gave her flowers and balloons.

Sunny's Favorite Teacher


Grade 2

I like Ms. W for many reasons. First, Ms. W is nice because sometimes she doesn’t give us homework.

Henry's Favorite Teacher


Grade 5


My favorite teacher is Mr. R.. He is my fifth grade teacher. He is my favorite because he is very funny and he makes me laugh. He thinks I am his favorite student.

Timmy's Favorite Teacher

Timmy Ly

Grade 3

My favorite teacher is Mrs. K. because when I get 100% on my test I get treats like candy, cookies, fruit, and sometimes cakes, too, and cupcake, too.

Evelyn's Essays

Evelyn  Chu

Grade 2

1. I like my teacher Ms. L. I like her because she is very nice to me. She does a lot of fun activities. I like how she raps during math the most. Of course we still have to do work in the class.

Tyler's Essay


Grade 4

1. My favorite teacher is Mr. F. He has a two year-old boy and sometimes when we are doing something, it reminds him and Tommy (Mr. F’s son) playing at their living room and he tells it to the whole class.

Anna's Teacher


Grade 2

All about my teacher named Miss M.. She has yellow hair and she likes to go to work. She likes to go to the library. She let us play fun games. She likes to smell pretty and colorful flowers.

Truths to Honesty

Adrienne Chung


In my opinion about honesty, people are bounded to tell only partial truths. I think it true that “Honesty is the cornerstone to all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist,” but sometime, it is best to tells only some parts of truths as they does not want them to be told to other. Not many people throughout the entire countries believe that honesty can bring successes and I was one of those people that don’t actually believe in such thing about honesty. I truthfully believed that honesty has nothing to do with both confidence and the ability to perform a task, in order to be truly successful in life.

Tốt Xấu Của Việc Nhắm Mắt Chạy Theo Sự Tiến Bộ

Lời giới thiệu: Nguyễn Huy là một học sinh Việt Nam vừa đến Hoa Kỳ theo diện bảo lãnh. Em là cựu học sinh Lê Quí Đôn, Nha Trang. Tiếng Anh của em, thể hiện ở bài viết dưới đây đã làm kinh ngạc các Thầy Cô Trường Thầy Đồ Hoàng. Mặc dù vẫn còn có một vài chỗ cần sửa sai, nhưng rõ ràng em đã được gặp những Thầy Cô giỏi ở Nha Trang dạy dỗ.

Nicole Le's Favorite Teacher

Nicole Le

My favorite teacher is my teacher for this year.  Her name is Ivy Nguyen. She would always let us have fun while we’re working.

Andy Thai's Favorite Teacher

Andy Thai

My favorite teacher is Mr. Sweger and he is my first male teacher that I have. He is very nice and he makes the classroom very fun.

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