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College Essay

Johnny Le

9th Grade

What is college, college is when you go to after you finish high school. One of the greatest ability, and the only way to get into college is the college essay. When writing a college essay, you need to include facts about your life, and why you want to get into that type of college. Same rules goes to all major college and university.

New Technologies

Johnny Le

11th Grade

Technology is one of the biggest impact that happened to us in this time or period. Radio, phones, and many more invention as days pass. The real question is when will it stop? What would happen if everyone became clueless and could not do anything to make Earth a better place. The reason why I think no more inventions or technologies could be a bad thing is it can cause death, it’s not going anywhere and what the next thing to do.

The Essays In January 2012 (cont.)


6th Grade

Should the government take money away from schools? I don’t think so. Schools are important because it connects to your future. You might think that using money from schools is okay because it is helping war. But the problem is the money gets wasted all the time. My field trip got canceled because of budget cuts!

The Essays In January 2012


3rd Grade

Once upon a time there was a kid. He wanted to be a ninja so he trained and trained to be a ninja, and one day he became a ninja. He got special powers and jutsu. And then the ninja tried to take over the village, but nobody got hurt and the boy defended the village in grave danger. Then the ninja (the bad one) got scared and ran away. Then the boy became a hero to the village. Then the people made him a king to the village. Fifty years later he decided to go away and find a new home to live and become king again. The end.


Nhi Le

Chapter 1

My horse trotted with leisure down the dusty dirt path that led to the neighboring kingdom of Ore. My armor clanked noisily with every step my steed takes, which greatly irritates me to no end; alas, I cannot do anything to prevent the obnoxious noise other than taking off the darn metal-scale fusion suit. As the head knight of my own kingdom, the kingdom of Fae, I was chosen to travel to Ore to escort the crown prince on a journey to the Oracle, which just happens to be a round trip through all eight kingdoms.

Supernatural BlackJack

Henry Trang

If supernatural creatures really exist, why don’t humans see them? What if there were laws that prevented those said creatures from allowing themselves to be seen? Yes, what if the supernatural world was just as or possibly more civilized than the modern man today? There is, in fact, a governing body that controls the actions of these supernaturals. Humans know it by the large company named BlackJack. BlackJack secretly protects the humans from knowing about the other part of the world. They are the sole government of the other world. However, as with all governments, there are always criminals breaking the law. This story revolves around a young man and a young woman, who work for BlackJack…


Henry Trang

Grade: 11

There's something about people that just rubs me the wrong way. I think it started in grade school. Our teacher blew up a balloon, wrote "Self Esteem" on the side, and taped it to the wall. She explained to us that we were all like the balloon. If we didn't have any self-esteem, we would only be limp and small and sad. Everyone else seemed really inspired, but it didn't click very well with me. Watching that balloon on the wall deflate a little bit each day until it withered away... I felt that self esteem didn't do much other than make people falsely large for a little while. But no one else seemed to notice. Everyone kept going along their short little lives, puffed up with their self esteem, getting smaller and smaller each day.

The Essays In Summer Class (cont.)

Andy Pham
The alarm clock sounded as the morning sun shone through the window.  A hand appears from under the sheets reaching for the alarm clock.  After successfully putting the alarm clock on snooze, a head emerged from under the sheet. A mess of black hair was attached to the head;


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