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Team works: Effective communication

Tran Quang Thang

Coaching Teams Through Communication

Nowadays, business are becoming more and more familiar with team works, therefore ensuring understanding between team members has become a core concern for all businesses as this kind of action will strongly boost team productivity and performances.

As coaching team within an organization is one demand that is now growing bigger days by days, business communication is also gaining a bigger weight on the scale of organizations. An effective communication will bring back severe benefits for both the employees, teams and the organization itself.

And, in order to perform a qualified and effective communication, you should consider follow these guidelines:

  1. Be careful when giving a message, because your audiences have a chance to get it in a wrong way, in other words, they misunderstand your message.
  2. Encourage feedback: to avoid misunderstanding among audiences, there’s no better way than asking them to send you their feedback, through that you will see what their views are.
  3. Do express, don’t impress. When explaining, avoid using “big words” (which means specialized words) to impress audiences, remember, the purpose of communication is help the other to catch your point, which mean to explain your opinion effectively.
  4. Use a suitable medium: how are you going to present your ideas? Through electronic media, hand writing or what?
  5. Use non-verbal technique: consider using your body language, make it goes along with the idea you’re trying to express.


Exchange Information Between Members

Furthermore, in teams, communication among members are very important, as it helps each individual to understand each other more, therefore increases team creativity, performances and productivity level.

An ineffective communication will ruin down team motivation, innovation level and increase team gossip, lessen team commitment.

Modes of Communication

In order to contribute to the effectiveness of communication among team members, you should consider paying attention to the following modes:

Team meetings: as meeting is an easy and effective way to communicate with your team members, because if everyone is present in a meeting, they may ask direct questions or share their concerns with others, by that the problems is fixed right away.

However, when forming a team meeting, you should focus on the agenda and make sure it is delivered and well-communicated with your members.

Newspaper: Using news letter to distribute your team’s outcomes to other teams is considered as a creative and efficient way to communicate.

When constructing a newsletter, make sure you got its purpose (what’s it made for?), who is it delivered to and how often and in what way it will be circulated.

Email-update: As the internet is maxing with incredible speed, update information via e-mails is becoming an efficient and convenient way nowadays.

However, when writing a email-update, you should make it short, clear and easy to understand so that the receivers won’t get confused.

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