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My University Experiences

First about myself, I’m Tran Quang Thang, a Business Diploma student at SIBME School. I started learning in SIBME almost 9 months ago, from June – 2011 actually, it’s not really a long time, but you know, I’ve really learned a lot here in my beloved school.

As I said, 9 months is nothing compare to a student’s life in Viet Nam, which began from elementary school to junior then High School, 12 years in total. But, that short time is a very precious experience for me. Not just about new environment, new language, but also in SIBME, I’ve found out something really valuable, something that cannot be stated by words.

Maybe, that thing can be called as “friendship”. I remembered when I was a High School student, every day I came to school, study and study like a robot, have some gossip with friends in break-tine, then go home and it’s over. I enjoyed nothing. Thereby, when I graduated from High School, no friends left, because the link between us is not strong enough to surpass geography location (my friends studied in different universities, which are all very far from each other). It’s completely boring in all circumstances.

But here in SIBME, I found something unique, a friend here is not just like someone who talks to you in the school, but also is a brother, a sister who you can really share your daily emotions and experiences. I don’t know how to describe this, all I know is that, now every time I’m going to school, I’m happy, and that’s all I need. And that’s the feeling that I could not truly find out in all my student life, until now.

And, one more special thing, in SIBME, the lecturers are very friendly to you, not like someone who you should be aware of when you were in High School. That’s really cool to me, to think that I can have a chat with a teacher, invite him or her to hang out with us for a café or something like that.  Moreover, they’re also very knowledgeable and always there to help us with our study.

In conclusion, what I can say is that, for me, a good place to study is not somewhere big or tall or with well certificated or well-known, etc… But it’s somewhere that students can feel happy to come to school and are willing to study by his/her true heart. And SIBME did that, they really have created a friendly and helpful society for us, the student, to archive our dreams in the future.

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