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Personality Traits

Quantum Nguyen

Before you can define who you are, you have to understand your personality. Ask yourself a question, such as “What do I like to do?” or "who am I?" When you can answer that question, then you can use the information to discover what your personality is. There are many different personality types, and it is sometimes difficult to classify a person into a single type as there are many different personality traits you can possess. Having personalities is something you are born with, but you can choose to change it if you choose to: it depends on the trait you want to attract or turn them away.

One personality trait being honest no matter what the consequences are is one that people should aspire to be. Our parents taught us to always to be honest to them, so they can trust us. Eventually, over the age we tried honest to other strangers we first met to become friends with them. For example, if there is a woman you like and want to have a relationship with that person, you have to be honest to yourself and it will attract. But honesty could a bad thing and cause people to keep their distance. There this thing that people call a “filter” to keep them from saying unwanted things; like telling your friends deep dark secret to strangers. Honesty might be cool, but it is not.

There is also another personality trait a person doesn’t within unless triggered. If whether the theory of evolved sex difference in jealousy, then jealousy is triggered by threats towards sexual relationship. Jealousy as a personal trait, manifested itself in men & women, but psychologist hypothesized jealousy in a different way, activated by threats from intrasexual rival. Both men & women are hypothesized to become upset over sexual and emotional infidelity, because both infidelities offers important finds for loss of reproductive resources. The partner with the lower-value will experience an increase of jealousy in their relationship. Mass studies test this theory have question men and women’s answers to hypothetical events towards infidelity in which participants must decide which  sexual or emotional infidelity is more upsetting. Both sexes is different psychologically, given to sexual or emotion infidelity, trigger jealousy in response. Men will become upset at signs of sexual infidelity and women will experience jealousy to emotional infidelity.

Some can obtain a new personality during a situation and choose to keep it. Having responsibility for all of your actions and being a little bit of perfectionism are also personality traits. Responsibility is a strong word that people held with them every day. It is not something we want, but something we need. For example, World War I and II was the most terrible destruction happen in history, so many soldiers died for their country and more would’ve if not the government took responsibility to create peace to other countries. Taking responsibility is also perfectionism; we want to be perfect, but humans can’t. So rather than being want to being perfect, it is our goal to be perfect. That is not a trait, but perfectionism will make it a trait.

We all have our traits, that is what make us, us. We can’t be all of them, but we choose which traits fit us best and will use it to attract others or distance them away. It is ours to decide, not your parents or others.

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