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$1 Million

Quantum Nguyen


When funding a school, you need a lot of money to keep the school afloat. Suddenly, someone was kind of enough to drop $1 million on your lap so you can do whatever with it. But you can only choose one or other issue to donate the money; however, deciding which issue would benefit more to mankind is not hard. They both have their own advantages to help our world. The issue that deserves such quantity of money is by donating it to the advancement of science. When it comes in helping the world, I have a good reason on why science can be beneficial to receive $1 million.

I always believe that science will solve our world problems. Whether the problems have something to do with the increase of human population to the pollution to our planet, science is the answer to our problems. More humans are being born every day, and have to be controlled, which is why there is a rule of can be married over the age of 18 to create a family. As a result, more lands are needed for these new families, and to create land for us we will destroy forests to converge into our way of society. With the money donated to science, we can find a solution by building a sort of hovering house, a place to live in the sky so we don’t have to destroy the trees that are provided for us. Additionally, to use the money to find a clean way to rid of pollution that is poisoning our planet. That is the science I believe in.

The money is also beneficial to us in the science department in buying new stuff. For example, we can buy new microscopes to research tiny organisms that are living around us. New set of chemicals and formulas to use in order find a cure for cancer. Young kids today are very bright, so they might be a day they will discover a cure for cancer. Albert Einstein is the smartest man in our history and he’d discover the universe that even we can’t figure out, and history told us that he almost discovered time travel before his deathbed. Give the kids a chance with the money and their passion for science will make them to be the next Albert Einstein.

I watched a lot of future sci-fi movies where it shows flying cars and robots commanding your every will. I always thought that is what the world will be in the groundbreaking of science. I chose to donate the money to science so see science fiction into reality where everything is possible. The technology today is advance, but I want to go beyond what we already have. For example, if science can build hovering cars, we wouldn’t need roads to drive on; we can go in any direction we want without the use of giant planes. Sadly, I don’t think I will live long enough to see this hi-tech future, but I believe with the power of science make it possible.

I wish that the wealthy donor will donate $1 million to the advancement of science. I love science, I believe in science to solve our world problem. Kids wanting to scientist in the near future need the money to get stuff to work with science. Scientist believing in a future where hovering cars and robots exist. I hope you all others agree in my choice.

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