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Personal Statement

Nhi Le

At times, words cannot convey human emotions where art could describe one simple joy with over a thousand interpretations. Art speaks to certain people with promises of individuality. Art is something big, but it is also something trivial.

My dad was the very person who first introduced me to hands on art. Ironically, from the start of middle school up until my junior year, my dad disapproves of me drawing. He absolutely hates it when he catches me doodling on my homework or drawing all over a blank sheet of paper. I remember one night during the start of my junior year, my dad was furious about the small slip in my grade, a measly shift from an A- to a B+. When he spotted my small magnetic board that I would fill with my drawings, he grabbed every single sheet of paper on that board and tore them up, and with every rip and tear I felt as if a piece of myself was torn out. Then, after he got his hands on every picture he could, he asked me, “What makes art so special to the point where you devote most of your free time into drawing?”

I never did answer that question, not to my dad. However, a friend of mine asked me the same thing but with genuine curiosity. Why is art and drawing such a large portion of my life? Drawing is my escape from reality. When I need a break, when I just want to let everything else go and just focus, I draw. Art is not easy. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It’s frustrating, tedious, stressful, and tiring. However, I love it because the picture I’m drawing is my single focus while the rest of the world around me melts away. I have pride as an artist. Drawing makes me feel like I’m more than just that stereotypical Asian girl who’s good at school. Drawing has become a way for me to socialize. My pictures are my words of greeting to strangers. I’ve met people who have befriended me because they saw my art, smiled, and commented. Art makes me an individual and art makes me a visual learner. I base my learning and education around art, learning from diagrams, photos, and different graphics. Art is amazing.

As much as I love drawing, I would not take a job in the art department. Drawing is my escape to paradise, not my job, and I find it difficult for me to limit myself to deadlines and demands. I have been commissioned before and I find it hard to ever finish any of the pieces. However, on contrary to my father’s beliefs, art is still essential to society and without it I doubt I would have a house to live in. Art has shaped society since the dawn of time, and it has shaped me into the creative and optimistic person I am at this very moment.

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