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The Fifth Street

Jennie Ho


Once there were three boys, their names were Joshua, Anthony and James. They were big trouble makers, they would always mess around when there not supposed to, but they were still nice kids.

It was October 30, which was almost Halloween, so the boys wanted to wear the scariest costumes that would scare everybody in school, so they asked their parents if they could go to Party City, which their parents said yes.

When they arrived at Party City the boys got a bit scared which was surprising because barely of them were scared of anything. A couple of minutes of later Joshua, Anthony and James got used to it so they    splitted up.

A few minutes later they came and meant  each other in the middle of the store. The boys were shocked because of their scary costumes. So they decided to buy it.

The next morning was Halloween; the boys were up early and were dressed in their costumes. They were thinking which house to come first. Then a few minutes later James said “ Oh I heard there’s a haunted house on the Fifth Street’’. Anthony and Joshua didn’t believe him, so they are going to find out tonight.

When it was getting dark, they decided to go to the Fifth Street before it was completely dark. While they were walking they got more and more scared, they even got goose bumps on them. They were holding on to each other shoulder so they wouldn’t get lost in the dark. Finally they arrived, their eyes were wide opened and then they took a big gulp. They were so frighten that they didn’t want to go trick- a – treating anymore. But they knew Halloween was only once a year, so they had to go trick-a- treating. They tried to go to other houses first but there were no other houses on the Fifth Street except the Fifth Street. So they decided to go trick-a-treating there first. The house looks terribly haunted because of the broken windows, the dead front yard and other scarier creepy stuff. None of them wanted to ring the doorbell so they had to do paper, sisicors, rock. Anthony lost so he had ring the doorbell, but before he even rang the doorbell the door opened itself! Their mouths were wide opened; of course it couldn’t be the wind because there were hardly any! They wanted to run for their lives but a few seconds later a voiced talk, the boys turned around and saw a shadow.  They screamed like crazy. Which appeared to be an old lady that looked very familiar, she welcomed the three boys in which they did go in because they were too scared to say no. When they came in the house, it really nice and fancy! So while they talked to the old lady they found out that it was there principal grandma (Rosa). They also found out that the house looked creepy because she was too old to clean and do other hard working stuff to make the house look nice.

So there, Halloween came to an ending but James, Joshua and Anthony still didn’t go trick-a-treating. Rosa saw there sad face so she went to the garage and took a bag of candies and gave it to them. This was Kit-Kat and crunch, their favorite!

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