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Jasmine’s Essay

Lời giới thiệu: Giờ Học Đường xin gởi đến quí độc giả và các em sinh viên, học sinh bài viết của em Jasmine Nguyen, học sinh lớp 7. Mặc dù ở lứa tuổi còn rất bé bỏng, em đã có những nhận xét sâu sắc về khoa học và đời sống. Em hiện là học sinh dưới mái trường Thầy Đồ Hoàng cuối tuần. Hi vọng em sẽ thành công và làm sáng danh dân Việt.

Every day, new and improved technology is created. Technology is improved to be faster, and more useful in daily life. Today’s youth use improved technology such as faster laptops and newer phones. This can help teens gain better research for their assignments, but at the same time, they could get distracted. (I.e. advertisements on the internet)

Some good things that can come from technology are the new computers and laptops that allow us to type and finish assignments faster, rather than using old typewriters. It also allows faster web browsing when researching topics for school. It also allows teens to interact with each other and talk. Better phones allow people to text and call, (better quality), when they are away from home, so they can stay in touch with their loved ones. Improved technology such as the iPad contains applications, (apps), that improve learning and reading skills. You can also download books and textbooks which take up fewer space, because it is all contained in the iPad. Newer functions in technology enable you to see people in distant places, such as web cams, (hardware), and Facetime. (An application in the iPad)

Some bad things about technology advances, is that there is an increase of identity theft. New social networking sites such as Facebook motivate that. People leak their personal information to strangers, and people can take advantage of that. On the subject of Facebook, there are many enemies that are made by simple posts and/or pictures. Many of today’s youth are going through behavioral changes, so they tend to exclude themselves from families and friends and rely on social networking site for company, emotionally. Too much time spent in front of the computer can damage one’s eyes and health. Other technological advances such as new gaming software can cause kids to have sleep and eating deprivation from playing too much.

Comparing the pros and cons of technology, I think that the con part of it is more dominant. Everything that you can see as a benefit of technology could become bad. For example: Social networking sites. It is true that you can interact with different people and can make new friends, but you could also be making new enemies. Death threats can also be associated with offensive posts. This is only a small part of the bad qualities of technology.

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