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Jasmine’s Essay In December

Jasmine Nguyen

Giờ Học Đường sẽ tuần tự gởi đến các em học sinh, sinh viên và quí phụ huynh một số ý kiến của các em học sinh, sinh viên Việt Nam sống tại Mỹ về vấn đề trách nhiệm trong việc lái xe, bỏ phiếu bầu cử và uống rượu bia. Các em sẽ nêu lên đâu là điểm chuẩn mốc cho những hoạt động mang tính trách nhiệm và pháp lý này.

At age sixteen, a person is allowed to drive. At eighteen, you are allowed to vote. When you reach twenty-one, you are then allowed to drink. Why? The earliest right that you obtain is when you reach the age of sixteen. Why can’t you have all the other rights at that same age? This is what I think:

Logically speaking, people don’t always follow the law. Some drive at age fifteen, and many more drink even before the age of twenty. But voting is a different story. Voting is an option like the others, but in this case, there is no unnecessary yearning to vote, like the need for driving and drinking. Voting is a more of a freedom than drinking and driving, but most don’t see it that way. To the rebellious teens, drinking and driving is a freedom from parents. Many teenagers don’t really care if they can vote or not, unless it has to deal with the age you are allowed to drink or drive, I presume.

Personally, I don’t think the age you are permitted to drive should be 16 anyways, because many people don’t even consider the law. Many teenagers are rebellious, and want to try things out, in this case, driving. I think that if we increase the drinking and driving age, many people will do those things even if they are far from the permitted age. For example, whether or not we increase or lower the drinking age, people will still make fake ID’s, even though it is illegal. Catching people with fake ID’s is not as easy as you think. First of all, there are many people in the world who use fake IDs, and throwing them all into jail is risky. People with fake ID’s go into clubs and drink, and I think that the managers of those clubs don’t care if they are underage or not, as long as they earn money.

In conclusion, I believe that the test of maturity has already been set. You may not see it, but what I think is that there is a very specific reason why you are allowed to drive at sixteen, vote at eighteen, and to drink at twenty-one. It is to literally point out to teens,” Okay, if you can handle driving without doing anything rash like get thrown into jail, or perhaps get into a car accident that will disable you, why would we even place a beer in your hand to promote it even further? Then, if you proved us wrong, we can give you the right to vote. If you can vote maturely, (which I mean not randomly), we can now give you the right to drink. After that, it’s you own responsibility to look after your actions.” I think that this is enough for the teens who are accepting these rights, even though there are many that will misuse these rights, i.e., drink and drive.



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