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How To Get Good Grades

Henry Nguyen

Today, education is essential to a student’s success. Though ever student is given the same education, the ones with “good grades” are often those who have a better chance at life. I know personally, that getting a good grade and keeping it at that A is difficult. Many students struggle with this, but the key to achieving a good grade is actually quite simple.

The first part of getting a good grade is to want to get a good grade. Some students want to be popular, and fail their classes. If you have no intention of getting a good grade, then of course, you won’t get one. Before you could do anything, you must be motivated to want to succeed. Even if you hate every single class you take, you should think about your future. Those “popular” people end up working at McDonalds or even out on the street. Once I got motivated to try to be an astronomer, I became reaching for the stars. I could then try my best, and this easily leads to a good grade.

The second part of achieving a grade to be proud of is to do the work expected of you and more. I believe that the first step you should take is to organize yourself and your work. I have organized my binders, the work I need to do, and anything that seems confusing to you. For the last few years, that I have done this, I have found all my homework and knew what to do at specific times. Next, you must remember to never procrastinate. Putting aside what you could do today, just gives you more work for tomorrow. You can play video games on your free time, and relax a bit to relieve stress, but when you clearly have something due next week or two days later, just do it. This is one of the main problems I have seen in m any of my classmates. They can do all of their work and get an A, but they put it off for too long, and are then unable to finish it. There is no point in this, so you should just don’t procrastinate.

A last thing to think about, is actually to do more. When I try my hardest, and create an excellent essay on the history of Japan, and add pictures as well as make it look nice, my teacher gives extra points. If you do more than you are expected, what can the teacher say? Of course he or she will give you what you deserve. An ancient proverb that I have always followed is “ Always aim a bit higher, so if you fall short, you can still reach your target.” If you do the extra work, even if you don’t get the extra points, you could still get a passing grade, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you just follow these tips, than you can be successful.

Before I end this essay, I will tell you one last important thing. It is how to raise a poor grade. Just follow everything I have just said, and just do more. It is simple and doesn’t take much work. So in conclusion, I must say, that education is important and that a good grade is essential to success. Remember to be motivated, and that is almost all you need. Do your best, and that is the key.

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